Comprehensive wealth management for physicians

From tax-smart investing strategies to insurance optimization, from estate planning to career advisory, the Wealth Management Service offers a comprehensive personalized perspective on your finances.

Physicians deserve a financial advisor that looks out for them.


Always win-win

Completely independent and impartial, we are never incentivized to recommend a particular product. Your wealth and wellbeing is our priority.



With open and rigorous practices, we'll always share the scientific basis for our recommendations, including the impact on your wealth.


Centered around you

As a registered fiduciary, we are legally obligated to act in the best interest of you, our client. If something isn't right for you, it's not right for us either.


The Earned Wealth Playbook allows us to systematically capture value for our physician clients by:

Investing assets tax-efficiently

Accessing institutional quality private investments

Implementing strategies to reduce taxes

Assessing insurance needs

Reviewing trust & estate planning

Evaluating impact of career transitions


Find potential millions of dollars in missed opportunities

We examine your financial wellness across 7 wealth pillars and create a plan to help you optimize your net worth. Here are some of the things we can do for you:

Find savings on insurance premiums

Identify tax planning savings opportunities

Uncover ways to optimize investment strategy

A seamless, white glove experience.

Securely transferring your financial details has never been easier. Just give your Concierge the authorization, and we’ll take care of migrating all your assets for you. All we need is:

Your most recent statements (for the accounts you want to transfer) for us to upload into our secure digital vault

A brief phone call—on your schedule—to verify some additional information

Your electronic signature on the transfer paperwork, completed by us

Dedicated advisors you can trust.

At Earned Wealth, you’ll build a relationship with an Earned Advisor who is well-versed in your unique career and financial needs as a physician. Your advisor will be your main point of contact for streamlined communication and comprehensive planning.


Myhanh Hoskin

Managing Director CFP®, CWS®, AAMS®


Jessie Pincus

Client Development Director


Bill Martin

Chief Wealth Officer - CFA®


Coleman Levy

Associate Wealth Advisor - Series 65

“It's a feeling that I hope my patients feel with me. To be able to turn to me and say, who do I turn to? Who do I ask? I feel Earned is empowering us to take control again. I feel supported, secure and on the path to financial health.”

Dr. Marcia Lu

Family Medicine

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