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At Earned, we develop personalized debt management strategies to help you avoid the pitfalls of debt and capitalize on its smart uses to help realize the financial outcomes you deserve.

Personalized advice on optimizing your debt management strategy

Demystifying debt forgiveness programs for doctors

Strategies to prioritize debt repayment while funding other financial goals

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Most doctors have debt – often in the form of student loans, mortgages, or practice loans. Managing this debt wisely is one of the keys to unlocking a doctor's full wealth potential. At Earned, we develop personalized debt management strategies that help you avoid the pitfalls of debt and capitalize on its smart uses to help realize the financial outcomes you deserve.

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Clarifying the path to become debt-free without sacrificing savings goals

This doctor had significant credit card debt and personal loans. Her initial strategy was to pay the minimum balance on her debt and use the remainder to start investing. Her Earned Advisor suggested waiting to invest outside of her employer-matched 401k while paying off debt in 3 years, then maxing out backdoor Roth contributions and contributing to taxable savings annually. This way, she should be able to retire without compromising spending goals, and be able to leave a substantial legacy.

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Using the Earned Wealth App, you’ll upload your loan documents and bank statements for your Earned Advisor to review

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Through the Earned Wealth App, you will clearly see how Earned is working on your behalf to achieve your goals. Seamlessly share information and connect with your Earned Advisor when it works for your schedule.

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Our Doctor Wealth Playbook is a proprietary process that we use to identify, prioritize, and action wealth creation opportunities for our doctor clients. Explore the next pillar in the playbook, Trust & Estate.

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Your assets are custodied at Fidelity and protected by SIPC. As one of the nation’s largest institutional custodians, Fidelity oversees $4 trillion in assets under administration. Fidelity’s financial stability, its compliance with industry regulations, and its insurance protection via the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) all serve to help safeguard your investments.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have multiple outstanding loans with similar interest rates, you may want to consider applying extra funds to the lowest balance debts first. As you pay off each debt add that payment to the next one in line, helping you to pay off all your debts faster. However, if your loans have a wide range of interest rates, consider applying extra funds to the highest balance loans first to help minimize your total interest costs.


Debt Management

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