Ongoing Wealth Management

Build Your Wealth

We pair you with a dedicated Earned Advisor who is an expert in wealth management for doctors. Your advisor will apply our Doctor Wealth Playbook to identify potential strategies to help you work toward your financial goals.

Our clients love that we prioritize what they care about.

Reduced taxes

We aim to manage taxes through automated tax-loss harvesting and proactive tax planning.

Expert-built portfolios

We work to improve your portfolio performance and employ tax-smart investing strategies. This has resulted in personal tax savings for our clients of, on average, almost 1.8% of their portfolio value [1].

A plan for the long term

We construct a financial plan that dynamically adjusts to changes in your career, life, and priorities.

We offer a seamless, white glove experience

We start by matching you with a dedicated Wealth Advisor who works exclusively with doctors. As a fiduciary, your Advisor is legally obligated to act in your best interest, as the client. Advisors are incentivized on client happiness and never paid commissions on specific products.

Your Advisor is your real-life, personal financial advocate.

Easy communication through app or by text.

Virtual meetings to enable a meeting anywhere.

Available on nights and weekends.

Fiduciary who works only with doctors.

Backed by Our World-Class Investment Platform

Custom indexing

Custom indexing allows for personalization and asset allocation precision superior to ‘baskets’ like ETFs and mutual funds.

Private investments

Private investments include strategies such as private equity, private credit, private real estate, opportunity zone funds, and 1031 tax-free exchange funds. Private investments, such as private equity, can play an important role in an overall diversified client portfolio.

Tax-smart investing

Tax-smart investing provides opportunities for tax savings through tax loss harvesting, tax-efficient asset location, tax-efficient retirement income, and portfolio transitioning that helps minimize capital gains taxes.


Impact: Automated tax loss harvesting may generate about 1.8% in annual tax savings on taxable equity portfolios [1]. Additionally, private equity over time has generated about 4% greater returns compared to the public equity markets [2].

Talk to us about your financial goals

Book a free 15-minute consultation with one of our Earned Advisors to better understand your situation and learn how we can help.

The Earned Difference

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Doctor-specific guidance that evolves across career and life stages

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Fiduciary not paid commission on product sales

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Personal financial planning with CFP® Professional

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Sophisticated tax-smart strategies to optimize outcomes

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Access to premier private investments, for qualified investors

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Comprehensive offering including tax and estate planning

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Transparent fees

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All-inclusive mobile app to track your investments

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High Capability

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Partial Capability

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Limited/No Capability

What You Can Expect

After you sign your agreement and get paired with your Earned Advisor, you’ll get them up to speed by sharing financial documents, connecting your accounts through the Earned App, and discussing your goals in your first virtual meeting. Your Earned Advisor will then analyze your baseline financial plan and, together, you’ll complete an initial review of their findings and confirm your personal preferences, like risk tolerance. The final step is to transfer your investment accounts that Earned Wealth will manage.


Receive a comprehensive, personalized roadmap

Your dedicated Earned Advisor will develop a custom plan that becomes a roadmap from where you are today to where you want to be in the future.

Map your sources of income and identify your career and personal goals

Calculate your current net worth, inclusive of student loans, practice ownership, and real estate

Identify key value generation areas

Access innovative investment strategies designed for doctors

Earned’s investment philosophy focuses first on your financial goals as a doctor, then creates personalized sophisticated strategies.

Tax-smart investment strategies powered by advanced technology

Custom indexing and ESG capabilities for personalized portfolio solutions

Private equity, private credit, and private real estate for accredited investors and qualified purchasers

Get expert tax recommendations on how to structure finances to avoid overpayment

By taking a comprehensive view of tax planning in conjunction with investment strategies, Earned can identify ways you may not have considered to help lower your tax bill.

Minimize your tax burden with smart deductions

Get tax-smart investing strategies tailored to you

Receive expert advice year-round

Maximize your earning potential and career decisions

Earned will equip you with the data and tools you need to navigate your most important career decisions.

Understand the trade-offs of being an employee versus a practice owner

Understand the benefits and drawbacks of taking on 1099 income such as locums tenens or telehealth

Assess the financial implications of a career change, including selling your practice

Manage risk with the right coverage at the right cost

Constructing an optimal insurance strategy is essential to financial security and your peace of mind. We’ve got you covered.

Determine if you are adequately managing your financial risks with an Earned insurance review

Protect your income with the right life and disability insurance for doctors

Protect your assets with quality, cost-effective property and casualty insurance

Using debt to your advantage

At Earned, we develop personalized debt management strategies to help you avoid the pitfalls of debt and capitalize on its smart uses.

Get personalized advice on optimizing your debt management strategy

Learn about debt forgiveness programs for doctors

Determine how to prioritize debt repayment while funding other financial goals

Feel prepared for every part of your future

We’ll review and visualize your current estate plan, making it easy to understand, and ensuring it’s aligned with your financial goals and the most up-to-date view of your assets.

Receive a detailed, personalized picture of your estate plan

See the impact of your estate plan in a clear, easy-to-understand format

Determine if changes are needed to your estate plan to match your wishes

A Year in the Life of an Earned Client

We regularly touch base with you throughout the year to review performance, as well as determine if adjustments to your financial plan or strategies are needed in any areas.


Financial planning review and beginning of year tax planning


Investments review and update (review opportunities for private investments)


Estate planning and insurance


Year end tax planning

“It’s a feeling that I hope my patients feel with me. To be able to turn to me and say, who do I turn to? Who do I ask? I feel Earned is empowering us to take control again. I feel supported, secure and on the path to financial health.”

Dr. Marcia Lu

Family Medicine

Testimonials provided by current clients. Clients are not compensated for providing testimonials.

Frequently asked questions

After signing your agreement, you’ll be paired with your Earned Advisor and create your client profile in the Earned App. You’ll use the Earned App to start sharing information with your Advisor to begin building your custom plan. From there, you’ll schedule a first virtual meeting with your Advisor to discuss your financial goals and share your communication preferences. The final step of onboarding is to transfer your investment accounts that Earned Wealth will manage.

  1. Savings from tax loss harvesting is different from portfolio performance.  For example, tax savings can be positive even if overall portfolio performance over the same time period is negative. The tax savings percentage is net of fees and calculated by dividing tax loss harvesting savings by a client’s overall portfolio value (which incorporates the payment of asset management fees) at the end of the year. The client universe for determining the average was all clients invested for the full calendar year 2023 in the Custom Indexing Global ADR strategy, sub-advised by Brinker Capital Investments, LLC, a registered investment advisor. The range for individual client tax savings percentage was 3.43% to 0.11% over that 12-month period.  A similar analysis is not available for longer periods of time. Actual tax savings for an individual will vary and depend on a particular client’s long- and short-term federal and state tax rates and portfolio-specific factors such as investment strategy, investment performance in future years, capital gains budget, yield, portfolio turnover, contributions and distributions, and other factors. Investors should consult with a licensed CPA regarding their particular tax situation. The use of losses harvested through the strategy will depend on the recognition of capital gains in the same or future tax period. Earned provides a report to its clients so they can see their own personal tax savings. Not all Earned clients choose or are eligible for the Custom Indexing Global ADR strategy, a tax-managed strategy which seeks to replicate a blended index (70% Russell 3000 Index and 30% MSCI ACWI ex US Index) through the direct purchase of individual securities.  Please contact Earned if you would like the portfolio performance results of the strategy.

  2. Excess return of U.S. private equity over public equities from 1989 through November 30, 2022 calculated as Cambridge Associates U.S. PE index net returns less the total returns of the S&P 500. Available at regime-change-private-equity-march-2023.pdf ( page 8, exhibit 5. Actual returns will vary based on individual investor holdings, which will not be as diversified as the index cited. Private equity investing has liquidy and other risks. Not all clients may be eligible for private equity investments.






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